aniffa (aniffa) wrote,

A Time for Love Cha/You (2x?)

 title:  A Time For Love
author:  me
chapter: 2/?
pairing:  ChachaxYou
genre: drama, angst?  Im no good at this
warning: chapter: 2/?possible death fic
rating:  maybe R
summary:  How does Chacha tell his lover that he is dying?
part one here:

The movie ended and Cha looked over to You.  He had fallen to sleep and was drooling to a certain extent.  Cha shook him gently.  "You.  You feel asleep babe."  You just mumbled something about not wanting to do with fishies and how they should stay off his pizza.  It was all Cha could do to not go into fits of laughter at the adorable sight.  Then his eyes saddened as the smile on his face disappeared.  He loved You so.  It would break his heart for him to know the truth.  But how long could Cha go not telling him?  He almost didnt believe it himself.  He hadnt accepted it yet.  How could one accept the fact he was going to leave this world.  Of course everyone would.  It was just the acceptance of life that death would eventually come.  But that was meant for other people, right?  Not him.  Not in the prime of his life when everything was going good.  Not when he was finally sharing his life with You.  He looked down at You resting on his chest and he stroked his hair.        The movie ended and You still hadnt woken up.  "You."  Cha gently nudged his sleeping beauty.  
     You opened his eyes and rubbed them.  "Don't tell me I missed the movie?"
"Yeah.  We can watch it again later though."  Cha straightened up on the couch and took You's hands in his.  "I need to tell you something."  He squeezed his lover's hand and looked into his eyes.  "Im so sorry that Ive been keeping this from you.   I didnt want to accept it or even acknowledge it at first.  I love you with all my heart and I never want to leave you."  Cha's voice seemed to just drift off as he held his lover's hand and bit his trembling lip.
     You sensed the urgency in Cha's voice and all of a sudden got a chill.  He sat up straight on the couch and looked at Cha with concern.          "Don't scare me like this."Cha didnt have any other choice.  He had waited long enough and not telling You now would be a betraying him.  He took a deep breath.  "I love you with all my heart and soul and that will never change.  Not even when Im gone.  The doctor just diagnosed me with cancer."  He saw the color drain from You's face.  "I only have a few months left.".  

Short, but after a year, I updated.  Comments are <3

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